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Currently Unalakleet Native Corporation has one subsidiary, Unalakleet Investments, LLC;  an Alaska Native Corporation owned, SBA 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantaged Business that provides a spectrum of capabilities for the Federal Government. The company has a broad depth of competency areas, with matching depth of experience.

Unalakleet Investments current capabilities include:

  • Leasing & Facility Management Service: Unalakleet strives to protect, preserve and create customer satisfaction in facility and building management services including: Electrical, Lighting, HVAC, Roof Annual Inspections, Elevator Full Service Contract, Fire/Life/Safety – Service and quarterly, biannual, annual inspections as required by the governing entity (City, State, Federal), Landscaping/Snow Removal, General Maintenance, Janitorial , Tenant Improvements, Inspections – Periodic Inspections / Walk-throughs to assure satisfaction and verify work is completed.

  • Professional & Security Services: Unalakleet’s  team has past experience providing security in foreign countries specifically doing, B6-level armored vehicles, International Close Protection Officers, On-site project management, Risk management and tracking, Local HR vetting – MULTICLAN-BASED INTEL and SUPPORT NETWORK. Unalakleet also provides, Life Cycle Planning, Budgeting, Risk Management, Stakeholder Communication, Contract and Deliverables Management, Provide Life Support, Static Security, Reliable, Flexible Solutions that are Responsive and Scaled to mission parameters. Low profile, secure movement escorts.

  • Technology/Security System Integration: Unalakleet has a cohesive coordinated interaction between technology and contract management, we are currently taking part in Partner Technology Integration along the border to integrate systems and technology into one system in support of the customers mission for increased border security. We practice the process of bringing together various partner technology subsystems into one solution system, ensuring that the subsystems function together as one. We ensure that our integration of systems is improving the life’s of our customers and their goals.

Alaskan Native Corp.

Unalakleet Investments LLC is currently UNC’s only subsidiary. Unalakleet Investments, LLC was formed in 1999 with the initial 18 years focused on leasing buildings to the Federal Government. The past three years it has been 8 (a) certified, and this past year 2017, Unalakleet Investments, LLC decided to expand its capabilities for business development revenue. The strategic vision for the firm was changed to a concentration on developing capabilities relative to emerging initiative technology. For success the company’s focus at large is to do work for organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State and Department of Defense. In order to do so the firm is partnering with small to large companies with past performances pertaining to these organizations. Although a relatively new switch in focuses for the company, the future of Unalakleet Investments, LLC is promising due to the amount of support and experience provided through trusted partners and personnel.



Unalakleet Investments core competencies include: Program/Project/Contract Management, Professional & Security Services, Leasing & Facility Management Services and Technology & Security System Integration.


As an Alaskan Native Corporation - Unalakleet Investments, LLC can receive sole source awards of any size that cannot be protested due to it’s status as an ANC-owned company, making the contracting process easier and faster compared to competing companies.


Unalakleet has greater flexibility in contract award size to meet mission needs (sole source up to $20M) without risk of protest Lower indirect costs translate to greater value for the customer, the Indian Incentive Program (IIP) – a Congressionally sponsored program provides 5% rebate to our Prime Contracting partners.

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