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As an organization we currently own one subsidiary called, Unalakleet Investments LLC. Unalakleet Investments, LLC was formed in 1999 with the initial 18 years focused on leasing buildings to the Federal Government. The past three years Unalakleet Investments, LLC has been 8 (a) certified, and recently this past year 2017, the company altered its focus and has a strategic vision for the firm to concentrate on developing capabilities relative to emerging initiative technology.

UNC adopted the local economic development plan applicable from 2014-2019, where they have a joint resolution to work with Unalakleet City Council and the Native Village of Unalakleet to achieve the goals and standard city place by the City of Unalakleet. The board holds elections once a year at the annual meeting of Shareholders in November.

When does the board hold elections? 

  • The board holds elections once year 

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