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The Native Corporation provides support locally and in surrounding areas of Alaska through the use of residential/commercial gas and home heating to fuel the community. The organization also operates a grocery store, fast food restaurant and a mechanics shop which also sells variety of items to people of Unalakleet. The organization provides services to the local community with their: fuel facility, store, office rental building, office building, and large rental unit in Anchorage.


Services provided by Unalakleet Native Corporation are: Gas, Heater Oil, Propane, a Mechanic Shop for automotive, ATV and snow machine, Rentals and apartments, Local Native Store, Lease to PO, NWC, NSEDC, and other offices. Priorities, Goals, and New business ideas: Subdivision Sales-10 lots available with road access, get roads put in to future lots, build more apartments, and increase clinic staff.


According to the joint resolution between, Unalakleet Native Corporation, Unalakleet City Council and the Native Village of Unalakleet IRA Council for the City of Unalakleet: 2012-2019 UNC is the village corporation established under ANCSA the purpose of the corporation is to serve the people community and businesses of the tribe by promoting economic opportunities that improve the economic, social, and environmental quality of life. The organizations in this joint resolution are responsible for the planning and implementation of economic development activities for the tribe in Unalakleet. Along with, community economic development strategy to guide the economic growth of the village in order to help increase local employment opportunities to foster a more stable and diversified economy and improve the quality of life for resident while maintain cultural heritage of the community.

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