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Shareholders - ALERT!

The Unalakleet Native Corporation Settlement Trust is working on their Trust Distribution. We need addresses for the following shareholders, please send to:

Jolene Nanouk


Thank you in advance.

Steven G. Agibinik

Krysty Ann Almon

Christina Copley

Benjamin B. Anaruk

Johnnie Angnabooguk

Cory Gene Bliss

Ruth Selma Bliss

Anaruk Boudreau

Brenda Lynn Boudreau

Jon M. Brandon

Donald E. Brandon II

Genevieve K. Brothers

Charles Williams Charles

Josephine E. Daniels

Laura David

Viola M. Desarro

Connie DeShone

Susie M. Dick

Degee Dobson

Myles Gonangnan II

Jakob Gonangnan Melgreen

Rhonda A. Hartrwick

Candace Hathaway

Hannah Serine Howard

August Ivanoff

Charleen Lee Ivanoff

Cody Allen Ivanoff

John Cyrus Ivanoff

Laura Lee Ivanoff

Dawn Marie Keys

Matilda Lick

Justin Page Linck

Crystal A. Lockwood

Broook Kweguk Wynn

Richard Wayne Lockwood

Melanie Denise Long

Kimberly Magestro

Jarrod Wayne Minkler

Cynthia Mixsooke

Anthony Murphy

Vanessa Murphy

Johathan Shadoe Munn

Vaughn Munn

Louis Nance

Albert Timothy Nuglene

David Paul Oksoktaruk

Lehman Olson

Mary Ortiz

Debra K. Ovitt

Kristy Ann Pushruk

Christine Redick

Ronald Richard Riley

Patrick Ryan Robinson

Vernon Lloyd Robinson

Angela Charlotte Roman

Jay Althen Ruiz-Rodriguez

Jody Rummer for Raya Hope Rummer

Dennis Alfred Ryan

Mary Jane Legend

Anna Sarren

Carolyn Rae Sarren

Minnie G. Scribner

Brett Andrew Smith

Canssandra Kay Soeffing

Randall Joseph Spencer

Frances Martha Stevenson

Sara A. Tocktoo

Gary R. Wallace

Joseph Michael White

Paul R. White

Lorraine R A Williams

Patricia Sue Zimmerman

Kristina Kay Katchatag

Collins Lee Hinch

Benjamin Tyler Wynn

Donna Lestenkof

William Russell Deshone

Steven Deshone

Nicholas Deshone

Lorraine Sambo


The Native Corporation provides support locally and in surrounding areas of Alaska through the use of residential/commercial gas and home heating to fuel the community. The organization also operates a grocery store, fast food restaurant and a mechanics shop which also sells variety of items to people of Unalakleet. The organization provides services to the local community with their: fuel facility, store, office rental building, office building, and large rental unit in Anchorage.


The city of Unalakleet was incorporated in 1974. The name Unalakleet means “from the southern side.” Unalakleet has long been a major trade center as the terminus for the Kaltag Portage, an important winter travel route connecting to the Yukon River. Unalakleet has a history of diverse cultures and trade activity.



Unalakleet Native Corporation (UNC) is a for-profit corporation owned by shareholders awarded stock in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. We are located in Unalakleet, Alaska; on the Iditarod Trail between Anchorage and Nome. Unalakleet Native Corporation is an organization in the Alaskan Native corporation (ANC). UNC has a nine-member board holding elections for two-year terms.

Unalakleet Native Corporation (UNC) provides many supplies and needs to the small village of Unalakleet. The small village strives to be more efficient in supplying the community with its growing facilities, rental buildings, offices, grocery stores, restaurant, mechanics shop, etc. Providing many jobs in different areas of the village’s economy, and helping many homes with the supplies needed.


Today Unalakleet is a traditional town with a history of diverse culture and trade activity, the local economy is the most active in Norton Sound, and the traditional subsistence lifestyle uses its natural resources to survive utilizing fish, seal, caribou, moose, and bear.


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Address: PO Box 100,

                 Unalakleet, AK 99772


Fax: 907- 624 - 3833   Tel: 907 - 624 - 3411


Thanks for submitting!

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